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BIOTOPIA festivals are unique events that provide scientists, artists, designers and activists with an engaging opportunity to get into contact with each other and with a wide audience.

Here you can find out about our most recent festivals:


SINNES Festival

Under the motto "The Power of Perception", an exciting program awaited the festival guests at four locations: Where are the biological origins of musical senses? How do mobile robots perceive their environment? And what do optical illusions reveal about our brain?

SENSE / SINNES Festival in fall 2022


EAT Festival

Tasting the future: With over 3,500 visitors, BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern explored, experienced and discussed the myriad dimensions of food at the EAT Festival.

EAT Festival in May 2019


HAUTNAH Festival

Can you grow ivory or leather? Is spidersilk the material of the future? Can you still distinguish between natural and synthetic? Under the title "HAUTNAH (SKIN CLOSE)", the 1st BIOTOPIA Fest dedicates itself to the fascinating world of biosciences and materials research at the intersection of fashion and design.

HAUTNAH Festival in June 2018

Stadtteilfest Neuhausen-Nymphenburg in June 2017