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SoSe 2024: Research Course / Forschungspraktikum "Public Science Engagement"

Work with LMU’s Life Sciences in Society faculty, staff of the BIOTOPIA Lab and scientific advisors from the Biozentrum to research content and develop an original public engagement program. Learn how to engage diverse audiences with your scientific research and area of interest by creating a public program, such as a workshop, citizen science project, lab experiments or other activities.

Research key theories and practices of science communication and public science engagement, informal science education models, scientific principles, current discourses and paradigms, as well as tools to measure impact. Propose and develop an original concept for a public engagement program which could be realized in the BIOTOPIA Lab (i.e. in the form of workshops, on-line or on-site activities, etc.). Here you can test and evaluate the proposed projects in real life.

The Forschungspraktikum is open to advanced BA and MA students. Written assignments can be submitted in English or German.

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For any inquiries, please write to Dr. Mascha Gugganig: